Repainting progress report.

Happy MLK Day!

We started to fix up our space next door to the post office over the long weekend, starting with repainting the ceiling, walls and trim. Having a tiny space does not equal a quick and easy paint job! But it’s been fun.

There’s a long way to go until we open, ideally in late February but likely early March. furniture is getting delivered next weekend, then we hope the books, aprons and other goods arrive sometime in the next few weeks.

The good news is that the signage, shopping bags and logo stickers have arrived, as has a tiny Nespresso machine and pods. I hope you’ll stop by for a free espresso (we’ll have a mini fridge with half and half) while you check out our books and goods.

We started with a small (by industry standards) book order, so I hope you’ll tell us what you want to see in the store. We really want and need your feedback - it will help us to quickly stock up on what you want to read.

We’re so excited to open!

Ingrid and Tim Miller

Ingrid Miller