Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni: The Finnish Path to Relaxation (Hardcover)

Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni: The Finnish Path to Relaxation By Miska Rantanen Cover Image
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Danes have hygge.  Swedes have lagom.  But the Finns have the best - "kalsariokanni" or pantsdrunk – drinking at home, alone, in your underwear.

When it comes to happiness rankings, Finland always scores near the top.  Many Finnish phenomena set the bar high: the best education system, gender equality, a flourishing welfare state, sisu or bull-headed pluck.  Behind all of these accomplishments lies a Finnish ability to stay calm, healthy and content in a riptide of endless tasks and temptations.  The ability comes from the practice of "kalsarikanni" translated as pantsdrunk.

Peel off your clothes down to your underwear.  Place savory or sweet snacks within reach alongside your bed or sofa.  Make sure your television remote control is nearby along with any and all devices to access social media.  Open your preferred alcohol. Your journey toward inner strength, higher quality of life, and peace of mind has begun.

About the Author

Miska Rantanen is a Finnish journalist and author of nonfiction. He works for the largest Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and specializes in popular culture, politics and digital media.

Praise For…

If collective cozying is not your speed, there’s a new Scandinavian lifestyle trend in town that may be. Rather than focus on the aesthetic presentation of well-being, Pantsdrunk involves drinking at home in your underwear. Actually, that’s all it is. — Glamour

After a busy workweek, feel free to ditch your plans — and your pants — and stay in. Instead of “Netflix and chill,” Netflix and kalsarikannit. Washington Post

The Päntsdrunk approach to life includes bingeing on Netflix, scrolling mindlessly on your phone, sweet and salty snacks, sofa time, and blocking all work communications. It will lead you to a healthier, more energizing and relaxing life – wherever, whenever. —

A funny parody of popular “happiness” books, Pantsdrunk introduces readers to a made-up Finnish concept of achieving well-being through drinking in one’s underwear while surrounding yourself with personal comforts. — PureWow

This new Scandi lifestyle trend involves drinking wine alone in your underwear and bingeing on Netflix — and its name is pretty fitting. — Business Insider

Päntsdrunk is basically what happens when you refuse to let FOMO get the best of you. — Elite Daily

The hardest part of living the päntsdrunk lifestyle is actually going through the mental strain of reading the book Päntsdrunk. After that, you should be home free… — Food & Wine

You might have found hygge too smug. You might have been confused by lagom. You probably never bothered clicking on the thing about famntag natur. But give päntsdrunk a go. Scandi living might be for you after all.   — Telegraph (UK)

Päntsdrunk is like a more attainable hygge. — Bustle

First there was hygge, a Danish word associated with coziness and contentment. Then there was lagom, a Swedish word meaning “just right.” Now we have kalsarikanni, a Finnish word that means drinking at home without pants on. Literally. — The Columbian

If there were ever a book desperately needed during a particular cultural moment, it is Pantsdrunk. — BookPage

Packed with heritage and nuances, and is rooted in a distinctly Finnish way of interacting with the world and one’s self — NBC News

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