The War of the Givens: The Silvers Book Three (The Silvers Series #3) (Paperback)

The War of the Givens: The Silvers Book Three (The Silvers Series #3) By Daniel Price Cover Image
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X-Men meets Blake Crouch in the explosive conclusion to Daniel Price’s genre-bending Silvers trilogy about six extraordinary people whose fates become intertwined on an Earth far different from our that is headed for utter destruction.

It's been two years since the world collapsed in a sheet of light, obliterating everything on Earth...but not quite everyone. Saved from the apocalypse by three mysterious beings, sisters Hannah and Amanda Given were marked with silver bracelets, along with four other survivors from their native world, and transported to an entirely different Earth, a place where the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances. Afflicted with time-bending powers they never wanted, and on the run from unexpected new enemies, “the Silvers” embarked on a dangerous journey for survival across an alien America—a hunt for answers that bound the group like family while revealing the gravely sinister intentions of their so-called saviors.

But their new Earth is about to suffer the same fate as the old one and the Silvers have only ten weeks to prevent it. Their one hope is to find the remaining survivors of their home world—a quest that will take them from Mexico to England to a radically changed Japan—to gain more allies for the final confrontation with the godlike beings who first brought them to this Earth. Failure will mean death for billions of people. But victory may come at a cost the Silvers can’t afford.

About the Author

Daniel Price is the author of Slick, The Flight of the Silvers, The Song of the Orphans, and The War of the Givens. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his partner, Nancy. He cannot actually manipulate time.

Praise For…

Praise for The War of the Givens

"The story has plenty to offer in its exciting, exceptionally complicated plot and well-crafted characters."Kirkus

“Daniel Price draws his Silvers trilogy to a close with this big, bold, beautiful comic book sci-fi extravaganza that somehow manages to out-Avengers The Avengers. The War of the Givens is a heartfelt epic, mashing together the best elements of genre staples like the X-Men by way of Fringe, with plenty of big-screen action and extraordinarily consequential heroics. I loved it!”—Michael Patrick Hicks, author of the Salem Hawley series and Friday Night Massacre

"Daniel Price has done it again in this third installment of the Silvers series. Filled with his trademark action-filled plots, whip-smart dialogue, and an unforgettable cast of characters, The War of the Givens especially stands out with its clever mix of plot twists and emotional gut punches, where relationships between characters matter just as much as saving the alternate world in which they all find themselves. I loved everything about this pitch-perfect conclusion to Price’s groundbreaking sci-fi trilogy."—A. J. Sass, award winning author of Ellen Outside the Lines and Ana on the Edge

Praise for Daniel Price and the Silvers trilogy

"A brilliantly imagined fantasy."Booklist (starred review)

"An absorbing adventure.... You'll get pulled in."Kirkus (starred review)

"Highly recommended for fans of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction."Library Journal (starred)

"Dazzlingly original and nimbly told, Daniel Price's Silvers series brims with mind-bending fun."—Brendan Duffy, author of House of Echoes

"Any hours spent reading The Flight of the Silvers will be time well spent."BookPage

"You should read [The Flight of the Silvers]. I found it very difficult to put it aside to deal with my own life.... I'll be looking forward to the next installment."SFcrowsnest

"Throws crazy new ideas at you at a pretty intense clip, works amazingly well."i09

"A sharp, smart piece of science fiction. Price has not only recaptured the grand scale of Book One, but expanded upon it. It's a narrative that unspools cinematically in the mind's eye; there's a visual acuity at work here that is wonderful and rare. Here's hoping that the wait for Book Three will be a short one. After all, the world is running out of time."—Allen Adams, The Maine Edge

"Conjures a detailed, fantastic alternate Earth, populated with vulnerable, relatable characters from this Earth who readers will enthusiastically follow anywhere. Speculative fiction writers wear imagination like a suit of clothes, and Daniel Price has a closetful."—Robert Buettner, bestselling author of The Golden Gate

"Amazing."—Casey Rose Frank, The Joyful Pen

"A king-sized doorstopper epic of superhuman proportions. This sucker is jam-packed with X-Men by way of Fringe action scenes, each one carefully crafted and massive in scope.... Hugely cinematic, and packed to the rafters with fight scenes and conflict galore, The Song of the Orphans was well worth the wait. Fans will be pleased to take another trip to AltAmerica, but now begins the wait for book three. I shall wait patiently, or at least try to."—Michael Patrick Hicks, author of Convergence

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ISBN: 9780735217911
ISBN-10: 0735217912
Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Publication Date: March 19th, 2024
Pages: 784
Language: English
Series: The Silvers Series