The Door: Science Fiction Mystery (Paperback)

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"An ordinary man walking his dog who ultimately saves humanity " - THE DOOR has that, and more twists than a Celtic knot. What more does a science fiction mystery require?Henry Mackay and his dog, Addy, regularly walk alongside an ancient convent wall. Today, as he passes the door, he glances at its peeling paint. Moments later he stops dead in his tracks. He returns to the spot, and all he sees is an ivy-covered wall. The door has vanished. Had it ever been there? He begins to doubt his sanity.An ill-advised curiosity results in him unwittingly embarking on an exciting trail of events with twists, turns, quantum entanglement and temporal anomalies. It becomes an unbelievable adventure to save humanity which you'll be unable to put down.The Door is an intriguing and unique science fiction mystery from the pen of Tony Harmsworth, the First Contact specialist who writes in the style of the old masters.Discover the astonishing secrets being concealed by The Door today Review on "5 stars - Brilliant - I absolutely loved this book and read it twice. A fascinating insight into the future that addresses the environmental issues we face today. If you think sci-fi is not for you, then think again "Review from a well-known online reading platform: "Very clever storyline. Past and future 'history' linked with a tale that keeps you reading. Many thanks. Time travel, quantum entanglement, ancient buildings and an ordinary man walking his dog who ultimately saves humanity... Excellent "

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ISBN: 9781078308274
ISBN-10: 1078308276
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 5th, 2019
Pages: 206
Language: English