The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind: How It Works And How To Use It (Paperback)

The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind: How It Works And How To Use It By Harry W. Carpenter Cover Image
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Your subconscious mind is powerful and will work for you without effort. It also works against you based on programs and concepts learned in childhood. Learn how to reprogram your mind to override these immature programs. Reprogram your mind to: Achieve goals, Become more creative, Relieve stress, Increase self confidence, and Become healthier. Learn 15 ways to tap your infinite power. These techniques work most efficiently when you understand HOW your hidden, "unconscious," mind functions, and HOW to reprogram it to become "single-minded." When you are "double-minded," that is when your conscious mind and subconscious mind have opposing concepts, your subconscious mind always wins, even if it works against your best interests. Learn to unleash this unlimited power now. Train your unconscious mind to harness this power, easily.

About the Author

Mr. Carpenter developed a passion at an early age for finding out how to use his subconscious mind. This passion stemmed from a mental healing of a life-threatening sickness at age 10. He read every book he could find and took courses on the subject. He and his wife say that this knowledge changed their lives. Because of his successes in using his subconscious mind, he was encouraged to teach what he had learned. He has been teaching since he retired in 1994. The course he teaches is the distillation of 40 years of reading and practicing. The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind-How It works and How to Use It is a written version of a class. The impetus for writing the book came from his students who kept asking where they could find a book with the information he teaches. Mr. Carpenter's response was that no book that comes close-not until now. Harry W. Carpenter grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois. He has been married for 49 years, has four children and eight grandchildren. His professional career was spent in developing advanced high-temperature materials for aerospace applications.

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