Breakfast at Twilight (Paperback)

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From the visionary mind of Philip K. Dick, the author behind sci-fi classics such as Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report, comes a mind-bending journey through time and war in Breakfast at Twilight.

Originally published in 1954, this short story is a testament to Dick's enduring legacy as a pioneer in the realms of speculative fiction, psychological depth, and intentional chaos.

When a middle-class American family's ordinary life is shattered by a sudden explosion, they find themselves in an impossible situation: their cozy home is now situated in a desolate wasteland, a haunting consequence of an ongoing nuclear war. As American soldiers scavenge for supplies amidst the family's awe and terror, they soon discover that their home has not merely survived the apocalypse; it's been thrust forward in time. As the family grapples with this new reality, they learn that their once-peaceful existence may be the key to stopping the unthinkable destruction on the horizon. Dick masterfully weaves a tale of dark humor, suspense, and poignant reflection on the choices we make that could shape our destiny.

Will the family's gamble pay off, or will their refusal to surrender to a bleak fate turn out to be a deadly mistake? One thing is certain: this is one breakfast you won't want to miss. Experience the time-bending, nerve-fraying journey in Breakfast at Twilight, a must-read for every science fiction enthusiast and fans of Philip K. Dick's iconic works.

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ISBN: 9781473305571
ISBN-10: 1473305578
Publisher: Read & Co. Classics
Publication Date: May 14th, 2013
Pages: 32
Language: English