A Self-Help Manual For Bears: How to live a happy life (Paperback)

A Self-Help Manual For Bears: How to live a happy life By Alexis St John (Illustrator), Philip Friberg Cover Image
By Alexis St John (Illustrator), Philip Friberg
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People who have been on a path of self discovery often reach a place where they have attended enough workshops, read enough books and consulted with enough teachers. When they arrive at such a place they have usually distilled all of the teachings they have received into something simple. They have heard from the beginning of their search: "All of the answers and love you're seeking are inside of you". "A Self-Help Manual for Bears" will open your mind and Heart to that which is inside of you. It will give you courage to let go of seeking and begin living and loving yourself, right where you are.

About the Author

Philip Friberg is a lawyer and has a Master's Degree in Counseling. He teaches workshops on Love & Forgiveness. He enjoys reading, writing stories and poems. He lives in Vancouver, Washington with his wife Kathy and their two dogs.

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ISBN: 9781492356301
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Publication Date: September 13th, 2013
Pages: 48
Language: English