Salem. 2015 Xmas Special. The Time Travelling Santa (Paperback)

Salem. 2015 Xmas Special. The Time Travelling Santa By Jason Usher Cover Image
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Prequel pre-dating Doctor Who's "Last Xmas" Episode 2014. This Salem Xmas special is set only days before Doctor Who "Last Xmas" Salem & her own time traveling team arrive in Northampton for annual Xmas holidays. Set: December 2014. The strange events then immediately begin to escalate. The menacing Grim Reaper & Jack Frost hatch an sinister masterplan to wipe out Salem by taking Santa Claws hostage. Donna immediately realises that Santa has yet to be invented back in the ancient past and then time travels back to Turkey 350AD To invent St.Nick into Santa Claws Existence. But something very personal close to Donna is also troubling her. Her own best friend's 8 year daughter is slowly dying for cancer. Donna is then determined to save her. With the vast odds now stacked against her. Donna must now attempt to defeat Frost & the Reaper. Save Santa, The World & her best friend's own 8 year old daughter just in the very nick of time. As time is running out. Salem gives Santa the power of time travel. Henceforth Santa then becoming the time travelling Santa. Nick Frost Starring As Santa. So if you are looking for Xmas thrills & emotion. Be prepared for an tearfully happy roller coaster ride of your own life.

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ISBN: 9781519237026
ISBN-10: 1519237022
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 10th, 2015
Pages: 122
Language: English