Memory Improvement: Techniques, Tricks & Exercises How to Train and Develop Your Brain in 30 Days (Paperback)

Memory Improvement: Techniques, Tricks & Exercises How to Train and Develop Your Brain in 30 Days By Jason Scotts Cover Image
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How to Improve Your Memory & Increase Your Brain Power in 30 Days" is a text that is focused on methods that can help individuals to improve their memory in a relatively short period of time. The author starts out pretty simply with a definition of what memory is and then progresses into the various methods that can be effectively used to improve memory. The text is appropriate for those individuals that are interested in learning some tried and true methods that can be used to improve memory. In our fast paced society there are an ever increasing number of things the need to be retained and any method that can be used to improve it is extremely advantageous. The reader does benefit from what the author has opted to divulge and the techniques can easily be understood and executed right in the home. Overall the book is a great point of reference for memory improvement.

About the Author

Raised in a home where learning was encouraged Jason Scotts was exposed to quite a number of things form an early age. As he matured he was exposed to even more things until it came to a point where he was able to follow up on his own interests. As such he developed an interest in memory improvement among other things. Jason was interested in learning everything that he could about improving memory as he was finding that he was challenged with remembering certain things. He did the necessary research and found quite a few ideas that he tried; some worked well and some not so well. This led him to start working on another book that would just highlight all the ones that he found worked for him and his friends that he had asked to try it as well. The greatest thing is that these methods would have shown some level of success in just a month.

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ISBN: 9781628847284
ISBN-10: 162884728X
Publisher: Overcoming
Publication Date: August 27th, 2013
Pages: 40
Language: English