Crossroads (Paperback)

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Have you ever considered what it might be like to go back to another place or time? If you could what event or events might you like to participate in or be witness to? How might you, a child of technology, adjust to a world without indoor plumbing, public transportation, personal hygiene products, conventional foods like ice cream or pizza and many other conveniences so easily taken for granted and realize Marty McFly isn't coming to transport you safely home?

In part one, Turbulence, US Marshal Devon McKenzie and NYPD Chris Gates found themselves transported via the Aurora Borealis to 1869 Nebraska after a routine prisoner transport from NYC to Washington State goes horribly wrong. The couple struggled to adapt to their new life in 1869 by pretending to be a married couple after being rescued by a gentle family and dissuade the unwanted attention the town's Deputy has for Devon.

In part 2, Crossroads, after a violent attack on Devon by the Deputy, they work to rebuild their lives and gradually immerse themselves into being members of the community. Once Gates assumes the position of Deputy, the two are married and gradually grow less interested in returning to present day NYC. They flee the small Nebraska town after the corrupt Deputy returns to reclaim Devon and both are injured in the conflict that follows as they once again fight to survive. It's a no holes barred battle between good and evil as Gates fights to save Devon from the past and preserve their future.

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ISBN: 9781645331803
ISBN-10: 1645331806
Publisher: Kingston Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 12th, 2019
Pages: 254
Language: English