The Cassandra Complex (Paperback)

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Cass is a 22nd century university student who - like most young adults - has always believed her parents were a bit stuck in the past. But on her eighteenth birthday she learns exactly how true this is: not only are her parents time travelers, living in an era different than either was born in, but now, to ensure that history plays out as it's supposed to, she must travel to the year 1914 to live out her adult life.

Cass isn't the type, though, to just sit back and watch while all the tragic events she's learned about in her history courses play out in front of her. Not when she's the only one in the world with the foreknowledge - and determination - to change it.

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ISBN: 9781732254657
ISBN-10: 1732254656
Publisher: World Weaver Press
Publication Date: May 7th, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English