Only in St. Louis! (Paperback)

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In Only in St. Louis , Charlie Brennan shares the most incredible, strange and inspiring stories he has come across in his three decades talking about the Gateway City. Readers will learn:

Wilt Chamberlain was traded in a St. Louis restaurant.

Jesus Christ Superstar was first staged in St. Louis, not New York.

A St. Louis Cardinal pitcher beat Randy Johnson while drinking vodka.

A St. Louis mayor was buried three times.

Supreme Court Justices laughed aloud while hearing a St. Louis case.

A St. Louis woman woke up when she heard an intruder...who turned out to be a national celebrity.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's worst moment on stage was in St. Louis.

A St. Louis man found $1,200 in his ceiling.

J.S. Bach's personal bibles are in St. Louis.

A St. Louis high school name is actually misspelled.

Why Kurt Warner listed his name and address in the phone book.

The Air Force's biggest weapon is made in St. louis.

John Lennon's song "Imagine" has a St. Louis connection.

The NFL's "lowest blow" has ties to St. Louis.

Twinkies were named in St. Louis.

A lost wallet led to one of the best-selling songs of the 1960s.

The woman who injected John Belushi with a fatal dose hid in St. Louis.

A St. Louis man swam 292 miles of the Mississippi River without stopping.

Why General William Tecumseh Sharman could defeat the south but not City Hall.

The only company to prepare cocaine for medicinal use is in St. Louis.

A St. Louis barista became a billionaire.

A man was attacked by a shark in downtown St. Louis.

A St. Louis man played basketball for St. Louis Community College, football for Yale and is now a top national journalist.

Brennan, host of "The Charlie Brennan Show" on KMOX and provocateur of "Donnybrook" on KETC-TV, curates these and other stories for the first time in one volume.

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