Gods of Kiranis (Paperback)

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A Universe Awakens

A mysterious structure encompasses Earth, and while the Church of the New Elect prepares for communion with the Sentience, a dark and distant world is reborn.

Making an alliance with a powerful and enigmatic species, humankind is brought to a terrible realisation: they do not belong in this universe.

Cassandra Messina was warned these days would come, and she believes God is on her side.

But the one who speaks from the shadows is not a god at all.

Not even close.


Ronald A. Geobey's bold new Science Fantasy Series is founded upon the author's love of such Sci-Fi staples as Frank Herbert's Dune; Star Wars; Star Trek; Battlestar Galactica, and many more. He also incorporates his passion for the Fantasy works of David Gemmell; David Eddings; Raymond E. Feist; and Terry Brooks. With an undercurrent of theology and religious allusion - drawn from the author's academic background - the Kiranis story is an enormous tale incorporating classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy tropes while introducing an entirely new way to merge these kindred genres. But before you reach the end, the question will be put to you: Can you figure out the Prophet's plan?

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ISBN: 9781838259419
ISBN-10: 1838259414
Publisher: Temple Dark Books
Publication Date: June 26th, 2021
Pages: 376
Language: English