The Sleeper Awakes (Paperback)

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Unlike his later, more optimistic works, H. G. Wells' earlier books display a deep mistrust of science and 'progress'. The Sleeper Awakes is arguably the starkest and most pessimistic of these dystopian novels. It tells the tale of Graham, a chronic insomniac who falls into a coma-like sleep, from which he emerges over two hundred years later, to discover that investments willed to him by two childless industrialists have borne such fruit that he - The Sleeper - is now the owner of half the world. A 'Council' rules despotically in The Sleeper's name, presiding over a futuristic society of surpassing ugliness, with the uneducated masses themselves deeply asleep - their minds clouded by incessant propaganda and with no right to either property or privacy. Appalled, Graham strives for change, and finds himself regarded as a Messiah by the impoverished masses. But can The Sleeper alone sustain the revolution? And is he willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

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ISBN: 9781909735262
ISBN-10: 1909735264
Publisher: Aziloth Books
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2013
Pages: 174
Language: English