Dislocation (Paperback)

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India is in chaos.

Storms destroy coastal cities, searing droughts cripple agriculture. The country is deteriorating, and millions are desperate to escape.

Smugglers repurpose junked cargo ships as refugee vessels and hundreds of thousands of people wash up on Australian shores, straining already tense political relations.

Jacqueline Laffite, Prime Minister of Australia, is pressured from both sides to solve the crisis, yet with India escorting the freighters of refugees with warships, it seems nothing will be able to stop the flow.

Glen Robertson is a vaunted naval commander. On the front line, he becomes a pawn in Laffite's war and sacrifices everything for his country while wondering if it will be enough to achieve a solution.

Dislocation explores the harsh realities of a post-climate change world and delves into the heart-wrenching moral choices humanity may have to make as a result.

"A compelling and riveting imagining of a possible reality in the future... Great read." Thomas, Readalot Reviewer

Product Details
ISBN: 9781923171282
ISBN-10: 1923171283
Publisher: Shawline Publishing Group
Publication Date: July 25th, 2024
Pages: 300
Language: English