Hero's Risk: A Second Chance Romance (Paperback)

Hero's Risk: A Second Chance Romance By Gina Azzi Cover Image
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Nine years ago, Celine Hernandez broke my heart. Eight years ago, she stomped on it for good measure. When Celine moved to LA after high school, I enlisted in the Marines.

After an honorable discharge, I'm home, in Tennessee, living out my dream as a professional hockey player. Now, she's back in our hometown, filming a movie, and reminding me of a past I've tried to forget.

She's got her name up in lights. She's shining so bright; she's acting like she never left. Celine's everywhere I go - visiting my Gran, having coffee dates with my sister - and forcing me to remember a time when life wasn't so harsh. When I was whole and thriving. Happy.

But I can't trust those feelings anymore. I'm not the same man Celine remembers. I've lost too much, grieved too hard, and am too broken down for do-overs.

Is my ex-everything a risk my heart can handle? Or is our second chance more sacrifice than salvation?

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ISBN: 9781954470378
ISBN-10: 1954470371
Publisher: Three Cities Publishing LLC
Publication Date: March 1st, 2024
Pages: 232
Language: English