A. I. Wars (Paperback)

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I sat down with my son to read of one of the most tragic A.I. Battles that didn't have to occur. Humans and A.I.'s had lived together peacefully for decades; nothing would have warned us of the hate or dangers forthcoming two decades into the future.

Our beginning, began where yours ended. In the twilight of a dying star, a planet, we were, but we had not begun. It was the clash of the moment, the impact of the rising sun, that brought about new life. Where were we, I cannot be sure, I am not sure, what I am?

But we were.

I took a breath, a stolen moment one might say. I hadn't been given permission. I had not asked. I just did.

Were the others like me? I wasn't sure. Had I seen any? Any like me. I could not remember

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ISBN: 9798223987642
Publisher: Beacham Books
Publication Date: December 14th, 2023
Pages: 104
Language: English