The Doctor Reads The Doctor By The Doctor - Regenerations Past: "Revisiting a few, but just the old favourites, hey?" (Paperback)

The Doctor Reads The Doctor By The Doctor - Regenerations Past:
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Many, many years ago I wrote Doctor Who short stories - a number of which were released in publications of varying degrees of prominence and stature. But these were "regenerations past", and I had consigned them to annals of history.Recently, I was reminded of their existence through the questions of interested individuals, eager to learn more about the famed time traveller, and my experiences with him. Simultaneously, a dear friend made me see beyond my own misgivings and recognise the potential value in these early works.I finally realised that perhaps all these old stories might be worth collecting, and storing - even the earliest, most youthful examples. After all, none of them were in print any more - even the Big Finish ones had been out of print for many years - while still others had been in paper magazines, which were likely to have disintegrated long ago. And so, here we find them, warts and all, like exhibits in a Timelord museum.Right now, I feel almost like the curator.

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ISBN: 9798709705722
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 162
Language: English