Don Juan Velociraptor (Paperback)

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No woman could resist his intoxicating saurian charms Hot dinosaur action the way you love it, from the author of Wet Hot Allosaurus Summer

In a world where scientific audacity flirts with ethics, Marian snares the ultimate journalistic trophy: an exclusive t te- -t te with Don Juan, a genetically engineered Velociraptor with a tongue as silver as his scales.

But beware, this dino's human-enhanced DNA comes with a sizzle: pheromones so potent, he leaves women worldwide in a swoon- -struck haze of slavering sexual desire Marian's quest? To decode the genome of this Jurassic gigolo. But as she peels back the layers of the mystery, can she stave off the smoldering temptation that threatens to consume her, body and soul?

A steamy saga of saurian seduction from the infamous author of Triceratops and Bottoms.

Readers and critics go wild for Lola Faust's dinosaur erotica:

I read this after getting it recommended on TikTok- my first mistake. -Henriette Weidemann

This plot was wild... Honestly, it was a super fun read. Fast-paced and SO imaginative. -Amanda

This neo-transcendentalist work of post-industrial inter-species romance starts off with a bang... it's silly, it's fun, and it takes itself exactly the right amount of seriously. -Mike

Some of the most cursed stuff I have read? Sign me up Anything you could ever want from a dinosaur romance and then more. I was both horrified and amused the whole time. 10 out of 10 would read again. Lola Faust, I am obsessed with your mind. -Nicole Zimmerman

Is it a highbrow piece of literature? No. -Ashton Sellers

Well written and absolutely bonkers in the best way possible. -Sydnie

This may be the most insane reading experience I've had but I'm craving so much more? -Amna

Reading parts of it to my husband was certainly a highlight -Kaitlin

10/10, much needed serotonins. -Summer

What an absolute beaut of a read. -Karen

I cannot believe someone actually WROTE this -Katherine

Absolutamente horroroso -Lily

The most loving 1 star review I can ever hope to conjure; the pinnacle of Allosaur-centric love affairs. -Jacob, Bog Wretch

I don't know that I'll be able to look at a Triceratops the same way. --Bobbijoreads

Do I question my sanity? Yes. Did I laugh myself into tears? Also, yes. Do I regret it? No. --Jennifer Colvin

ok, maybe you just need to read it for yourself. There, I said it. Go and read it. --ag

This book also shows that language does not have to be a barrier when you have a deep connection and there is still consent given before every romantic encounter which is very important. --AliciaCaesar

this is smutty...four flames for smut --Hillary

The subject matter was vile ...having said that I still think others should read it so I don't feel so alone in my depravity --Zara Harper

"A whole world of romance: erotic novels where humans and dinosaurs are f******, and it's so rad." -Devendra Banhart

★★★★★ "Exactly what you think it is " - Reader review

"Oh my dear lord. Tiktok sent me here and now my life is worse for it" - Reader review

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ISBN: 9798865885337
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 4th, 2023
Pages: 132
Language: English