Topgun: Darkness (Compact Disc)

Topgun: Darkness By Michael Anderle, Eva Wilhelm (Read by) Cover Image
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Mia has been on the run before, but being named a traitor to her own species means the heat is turned up to max. The struggle to keep her ship among the stars and her fighters loaded when even the criminal class won't work with her becomes her main focus. When all else fails, Mia's only choice is to pivot and get creative. Space has never been so dangerous . . . The shootouts and dogfights awaiting Mia are par for the course, but the outlaw flight captain has her work cut out for her on other fronts. It's not just her own people she's got to worry about. A sinister alien force known as the Bleakers are making their move. Add in a horde of bounty-hungry mercs and complications in her crew's dynamic, and she's got one sticky situation to navigate. As always, the way out for Mia is through. Can she claw her way out of this mess? Or is everything she's fought for about to blow up in her face?

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ISBN: 9798874644772
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Language: English