Dirty Player (Paperback)

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As MVP tight end for the Rough Riders, I'm used to get what I want. When I want it.

If my sexy as sin looks don't seal the deal, my larger than life bankroll does.

plus, once women see what I'm packing below the belt, they always come back for more. And I'm happy to oblige, before sending them on their satisfied way.

None of that matters now, My sights are set on a Super Bowl ring - kicking ass on the field and staying focused are my only options, getting distracted is not.

Then Shannon Hale shows up and suddenly I'm fumbling like a rookie over the quarterback's sassy little sister.

She's not like other women. Wants nothing to do with me - NFL's resident playboy. The harder she pulls, the more I push.

Now the only game I want to win involves getting her in my bed, but I still have one little problem. She's very much off limits.

Good thing I've learned when you're playing for keeps, sometimes you have to play dirty.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989216826
Publisher: Slb Publishing
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English