Rise of the War Twins (Hardcover)

Rise of the War Twins By Victor Newsom, Synthtopia Publishing (Illustrator) Cover Image
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About the book: Join the Destabilizers and their allies as they battle the Executive Team of the Molusk Corporation. Witness their use of collaboration, spiritual enlightenment, and ancient wisdom to combat corporate greed, a lust for power, and the ambition to control the planet at any cost

Discover that absolute power is futile without the wisdom to use it effectively. Realize that those who are lost may be found again. Uncover ancient secrets, experience the magic of technology, and feel the spirit that unites us all. Embark on a timeless journey, one that has been unfolding for longer than we can imagine and that takes us further than we ever dreamed possible.

Come explore SYNTHTOPIA, in the Rise of the War Twins. For more information - visit www.synthtopia.world

In the Realm of Synthtopia: An oppressive system uses mind control to instill fear and conformity. Bound together by their passion for justice, trust, and autonomy, the Destabilizers, a band of renegades, armed with art, music, and code, rise to challenge the sinister oppressors with a solid quest: to decrypt the enigmatic vault and establish a decentralized nation where the pillars of wisdom, wealth, and freedom stand tall.

These warriors of truth and freedom fight not with physical weapons, but with creativity, intellect, and AI. Harnessing the power of the source, they ignite a spark within the hearts of Synthtopians, empowering them to remember who they truly are and break free from their chains.

Their higher purpose: to unite, establish fair systems of exchange, harmonize with nature, and guide the world towards and the metaverse-the digital realm of boundless freedom and infinite possibilities. Here, they forge alliances with fellow firestarters and visionaries, forging a new society where creativity, intellect, enlightenment, and expression reign supreme.

It's a battle of wits, skill, and determination as the Destabilizers face off against the forces of masked control that masquerade as justice to maintain a stranglehold on humanity. In this brave new world where the ethereal and the tangible collide, will the crypto revolution reach the victory it seeks - or will the glory be snatched by the dark, oppressive forces hidden in daylight, ready to sabotage their every move?

Only time will tell as the ultimate showdown for the soul of society unfolds in the electrifying saga of SYNTHTOPIA.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989954346
Publisher: Victor Newsom
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 234
Language: English