Moon Sash - Regular


  • \\ FUNCTIONAL, PRACTICAL and UNIQUE // Provided multi-functional keyring and carabiner allow you to attach keys, pepper spray, etc. for fast and easy hands-free access. DOG WALKERS! Add a waste bag dispenser and flashlight and you’ve got the perfect night-walking kit!
  • \\ BEST GRAB and GO PROTECTION // Small, lightweight, packable, fashionable and convenient. Folds flat and stowable for quick access in your pocket, bag, backpack, purse, briefcase, glove box, etc. – carry it wherever you go. Essential year-round safety gear for home, school, work and auto. A MUST-HAVE for commuters!
  • \\ GOES ON IN A FLASH WITH ONE HAND // Simple, easy, stylish + quick on-and-off with no buckles, snaps or adjusting. Patented design fits just about any pedestrian. Throw it on and you’ll be the most stylish and safe person under the moon... get ready for the compliments!
  • \\ LOOK GREAT AND BE SEEN AT NIGHT! // Even the best reflective gear is worthless if it’s never worn. The Moonsash is the most fashionable and convenient night-time clothing accessory available. Protects you and your family by making you more visible after dark. MAKES A GREAT GIFT!
  • \\ PROVIDES DRIVERS TIME TO REACT // Distracted and unaware drivers can’t avoid what they can’t see. Moonsash provides the needed visibility to help motorist avoid an accident – 700+ feet of added stopping time! Premium fluorescent retro-reflective webbing and a cross-body design (like a warning or caution sign) allows you to get noticed.
Price: $25.00